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The Daily Show: The Republicans Are Like A Box Of Chocolates

by Caryn James
January 4, 2012 11:33 AM
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The compensation for post-vacation return to real life: new episodes of late night shows. None of them were at their best last night, with The Daily Show and Colbert Report suffering most from having taped before the Iowa Caucuses even started. Not that Mitt Romney’s squeaker win would have mattered much, but as Jon Stewart explained in a ghost-story voice, he didn’t have results because “I’m speaking to you from the past.”

He did have this comparison of the Republicans’ flavor-of-the-week experiment with the Amish period of adolescence and confusion, rumspringa. In Romspringa, Republicans will eventually head back to the safety of  Romney. Forrest Gump couldn’t have said it better: the Republicans are like a box of chocolates.  

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1 Comment

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