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Caryn James

The Improved Oscar Show with Ellen, Lupita, Jared & Adele Dazeem

  • By Caryn James
  • |
  • March 3, 2014 1:39 PM
  • |
I did not have great hopes for the Oscar show going in -- I'm not even an Ellen fan -- but you cannot hate anything that has Brad Pitt passing around pizza and John Travolta creating an entirely new name for the person he was introducing (Adele Dazeem, a star is born).

Ricky Gervais' Golden Globes Media Blitz

  • By Caryn James
  • |
  • January 12, 2012 6:27 PM
  • |
When Ricky Gervais comes back to host the Golden Globes on Sunday, there’s one thing he’ll be missing: the element of surprise. His acerbic digs were explosive last year because they created such unease in the room, a reaction very different from the easy laughter of all of us at home. Really, those stars were not prepared to laugh at themselves. But now they’re all in on the joke, ready – maybe they’ll even be honored – to be the target of a Gervais insult.

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