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Rush Limbaugh's Gift to Conan and Kimmel: The Bane-Bain Conspiracy (Video)

by Caryn James
July 19, 2012 12:32 PM
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For a while it seemed as if that ogre Rush Limbraugh had drained all the fun out of the Bane/Bain coincidence by taking it seriously, claiming that "The Dark Knight Rises" villain Bain was meant as a left-wing attack on Romney’s outsourcing, money-making company Bain. That idea, of course, is so ludicrous that it was quickly turned back on Limbaugh, who became the butt of late-night routines. Funny in spite of himself, he just can’t help handing comedians these gifts.  

Here, from "Conan," is a bit of "The Dark Knight Rises" with some convincing Romney dialogue given to Bane.

And from "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" a Batman cartoon with Limbaugh’s actual comments coming from the mouth of his near-perfect avatar, the Penguin.

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