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Justin Bieber Hosts SNL; Watch the Unaired Non-Bieber Sketch Instead

by Caryn James
February 10, 2013 10:53 AM
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Bieber SNL

Last night’s 'SNL' host was Justin .. . oh, how I wish I could say Timberlake, but No. It was Bieber, set loose among squealing audience members and a flood of predictable Bieber jokes. He wasn’t much as a comic, but he did go along wih a lot of Bieber-Playing-A-Dumb-Guy sketches. None of them mentioned the unfortunate Instagram he had posted the day before of himself with SNL's all-powerful Lorne Michaels, which Bieber spelled Lauren. (Some generous people on Twitter blamed Autocorrect; maybe.)

The best Bieber joke was about his image, as his head of security (Jason Sudeikis) hired a dozen unlikely body doubles who tried to convince Bieber they knew all his moves. That video is not online (at least not yet) so take a look at a non-Bieber sketch from dress rehearsal that didn't make it to air. You can see why there was no room for a pop icon in this spoof of Chuck Hagel's hearings on his nomination as Secretary of Defense, with Senators competing on the issue of who loves Israel the most.

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