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DVD: Kevin Spacey At His Best as Corrupt, High-Flying Lobbyist

by Caryn James
April 5, 2011 3:12 AM
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In Casino Jack, Kevin Spacey gives the kind of performance few actors can: he's both satiric and believable as Jack Abramoff, the D.C. lobbyist who befriended and bought off Congressmen, duped Indian casino-owners, and eventually landed in prison. The film, directed by George Hickenlooper (who died shortly before its release last December), flags a bit when Spacey is off screen, but that doesn't happen often.

Barry Pepper plays Arbamoff's even sleazier sidekick and partner - and here Pepper doesn't have to suffer with the prosthetic nose and oversized teeth that get in his way as Bobby Kennedy in the current Kennedys miniseries.

Casino Jack is worth catching for Spacey, bravura and at his best. (Here's my full Newsweek review.)

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