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Release Colin Firth! His Long-Delayed Interview Is On Piers Morgan Tonight

by Caryn James
February 17, 2011 4:07 AM
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As much as we all love Oscar publicity, it's hard to compete with world crises. Colin Firth's taped, weeks-old interview for Piers Morgan Tonight, originally scheduled for January 28th, has been announced and postponed twice as the show covered events in Egypt. Some people on Twitter are saying that Colin Firth is Piers' Matt Damon - but when Jimmy Kimmel perpetually apologizes to Damon for bumping him from the show, that really is a joke.

The Firth interview, with Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter also along to talk about The King's Speech, will be on CNN tonight - honest, cross-their-hearts, they mean it this time (CNN, 9 ET). This clip, with Firth talking about today's British monarchy, makes it look like some topics might still seem fresh -- even if the actors will seem modestly unaware of their recent sweep of the Bafta awards.

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