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Caryn James

'World War Z': Deja Vu, Plus Brad PItt and Zombies

  • By Caryn James
  • |
  • June 21, 2013 8:49 AM
  • |
Brad Pitt chasing zombies should not be boring to watch, especially if you like Brad Pitt, which I do, and zombies, which I'm perfectly OK with. Improbable though it sounds, Marc Forster's World War Z is dull and pretty easy to dislike, partly because it so slavishly follows the tired and increasingly tiresome formula of summer action movies: family in danger, hero springs into action, then we're all bludgeoned with an hour of uninspired special effects.

Stranger Than Life: Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano In The Fabulist 'Ruby Sparks'

  • By Caryn James
  • |
  • July 24, 2012 9:45 AM
  • |
Neurosis hasn’t seemed this adorably sane since Woody Allen. Clever, funny, expertly walking the line between arty and mainstream, "Ruby Sparks" is a lovable romantic comedy, with Paul Dano as a novelist who writes a dream girl, and Zoe Kazan – Dano’s real-life partner, who wrote the screenplay  - as the fictional woman who fantastically comes to life, leaving her underwear around his apartment, cooking him eggs.

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