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Dominic Cooper's Stunning Dual Role: The Devil's Double On DVD

by Caryn James
November 19, 2011 1:07 PM
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Dominic Cooper’s amazing dual performance in The Devil's Double – as Saddam Hussein’s evil-incarnate son Uday, and as Latif Yahia, the Iraqi soldier forced to act as Uday’s lookalike double – arrived too early in the year to attract much awards buzz now. That’s too bad, but you can catch up with his thrilling performance in Lee Tamahori’s intense drama on DVD (arriving Tuesday).

There are a few fascinating DVD extras (just overlook the features’ cheesy, amateurish intros). They include an on-set interview with the real Latif Yahia, who was an advisor on the film, and a detailed look at the way Cooper was transformed into two characters, often in the same scene, using everything from a prosthetic nose to the occasional shot of his head on another actor’s body.

Visual trickery was the least of it though. Cooper’s subtle yet always-lucid differences in playing the two men, even when  he’s Latif-impersonating-Uday, are what make the film so stunning.  If you missed it, Cooper talks more about playing a monster in this video chat we had when the film came out.

Video edited by TAYLOR LEVY. Additional photography by TAYLOR LEVY and DANIEL SHOGREN

And here's the full trailer.

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