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Ebert Predicts Why The King's Speech Wins the Oscar

by Caryn James
February 12, 2011 6:40 AM
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In the runup to the Oscar-predicting BAFTA awards tomorrow – I’m counting on a Colin Firth win and wonder about a possible sentimental sweep for the very British The King’s Speech -- Roger Ebert has the smartest observation I’ve seen about why The King’s Speech will beat The Social Network to win the Oscar.

Ebert says: “A lot of academy voters don't choose the ‘best’ in some categories, but ‘the most advantageous for the movie industry.’ Hollywood churns out violent crap every weekend and then puts on a nice face by supporting a respectable picture at Oscar time. I mean that not as a criticism of “The King's Speech,” which is a terrific film, but as an observation. A British historical drama about a brave man struggling to overcome a disability and then leading his people into World War II looks better to the academy than a cutting-edge portrait of hyperactive nerds.”

Here are all his Oscar predictions including a convincing bet on Hailee Steinfeld to beat Melissa Leo for Supporting Actress.

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1 Comment

  • Anonymous | February 13, 2011 12:31 AMReply

    I hope Ebert is wrong. Didn't he predict Atonement to win the best picture?

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