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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Downton Sixbey’: Lady Hedith’s Answer

by Caryn James
February 7, 2013 9:07 AM
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Last night in Part 2 of Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Downton Abbey’ parody, ‘Downton Sixbey,’  Lady Hedith – the incomparable and lovely Fred Armisen --  repsonded to a declaration of love and a marriage proposal from Downton’s heir, Lord Questlove. Their parents, including Fallon as the Earl of Downton Sixbey and Whoopi Goldberg as Lady Whoopi  had something to say about that.

In a decidedly non-Downton touch, Higgins (a combination of Carson and Bates, with an iron foot) denied having poisoned his wife. He was guilty of something much more disgusting, he confessed. One of his euphemisms: “I pulled a Roker.” 

Not their most inspired moment, but stay to the end to see the glorious Lady Hedith.

Here’s the latest ‘Downton Sixbey’ episode. If you missed the previous night’s Part 1, catch it here. With only two episodes of this season’s real 'Downton' Abbey left, they may help cushion the withdrawal.  

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1 Comment

  • Trish Cohen | February 7, 2013 5:49 PMReply

    These skits are brilliant.....even funnier than the British skits. Keep them coming.

    Brooke Shields is a terrific Lady Cora.

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