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The New Heisenberg: Jimmy Fallon Does 'Joking Bad' (Video)

by Caryn James
September 12, 2013 1:29 AM
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Now down to its final episodes, Breaking Bad gets darker, wilder, more go-for-broke. The lighter side? That would be Joking Bad, the latest pop-cult parody from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.   

Fallon has done some amazing parodies, from spoofs of Jersey Shore to Downton Abbey.  Next to them Joking Bad seems too much of a fan's homage, more fun-house mirror than satire, even though Fallon looks pretty laughable in Walter White's nerdy-suburban-Dad clothes. Steve Higgins is the Jesse Pinkman character, an improbable sidekick selling jokes -- it's what they do instead of dealing meth -- and calling everyone bitch. And A.D. Miles captures the part-smart, part-stupid look that is Hank; he knows what's up, or does he really?  

 The writing may not be Late Night's best, but the fandom has its payoff in some cameos, including one from Bob Odenkirk (just in time for AMC's announcement that his character will get a spinoff, a one-hour prequel Better Call Saul).  

 Take a look, and then decide which is better: Joking Bad, or Breaking Downton , with actors from Downton Abbey (including Jim Carter as Carson and Hugh Bonneville, Lord Grantham himself) doing Breaking Bad on The Colbert Report

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