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Stephen Colbert Asks James Franco, 'Are You a Fraud?'

by Caryn James
March 6, 2013 11:06 AM
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James Franco has taken on one of his most mainstream roles in the new Disney film, 'Oz the Great and Powerful'; nothing is more mainstream than Disney. (You can read my review here.) But his entire career still has the shape of wide-ranging performance art  -- and with a lot more focus, Stephen Colbert's on-screen right-wing persona has so overshadowed the "real" Colbert that the character can be considered one of the most successful, long-running pieces of performance art of all time.  So consider the many layers of reality and artifice when Colbert asks Franco, the professor-filmmaker-writer-actor-whatever: "Are you a fraud?"

In this 'Colbert Report' interview, they also talk about 'Oz,' and Franco challenges Colbert on J.R.R.Tolkien trivia. I could have listened to them for a long longer.  

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  • mimi | March 11, 2013 4:04 PMReply

    Between all the witty banter about Franco's career and the surprise Tolkien showdown, this might just be my favorite Colbert interview ever! I'm just glad I got a chance to watch it after all, despite leaving my office at DISH way too late to make it home in time to see it. Luckily, I was able to check the whole thing out anyways on my bus ride home with DISH Anywhere. Since this awesome little app connects my phone to my home DVR's live and recorded TV content, I don't even have to be in front of my TV to watch all my shows. They come with me wherever I go! It's definitely a great way to stay in the loop on all my shows, and made that bus trip so much more enjoyable. : )

  • sandy | March 10, 2013 6:17 PMReply

    Is Franco officially ugly now?

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