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Will Alicia Stay or Go? Video Preview Tonight's "Good Wife"

by Caryn James
May 3, 2011 2:49 AM
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Will Alicia leave Peter now that she knows about his one-night stand with Kalinda? No spoilers from me; blame CBS, which spills a few beans in this preview clip from tonight's episode of The Good Wife.

There are plenty of beans left to scatter around: Alicia knows that Peter has betrayed her before, but will she feel equally betrayed by her friend Kalinda, who wasn't her friend when she slept with her husband? And there's the big question that has never gone away: Will Alicia and Will finally get together?

When we last saw Alicia, Juianna Margulies was having an Emmy moment, her face expressing the painful betrayal of her discovery as she left Peter's election night victory party. Here's where we find her tonight in one of the best-written dramas on TV, as savvy about politics as it is about complex relationships.

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