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TV Review: Hugh Laurie, Zombie Killer

by Caryn James
March 8, 2011 3:37 AM
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I’m devoted to House, but it’s no Singing Detective, even when a special Stunt Episode has Hugh Laurie in top hat and eye liner singing “Get Happy” with a chorus line of garishly made-up docs and nurses. Like most over-produced musical scenes – and it was a fairly short scene – this one took itself too seriously. Throughout last night’s episode of movie and TV parodies, the lighter the touch, the better.

The supposedly dramatic plot turn: Cuddy, the hospital administrator and House’s conflicted girlfriend, has a potentially lethal medical problem (as if they’d kill her off). While waiting for her biopsy, we see House and Cuddy’s dreams, nightmares and drug-induced hallucinations, all thinly veiled expressions of their fears, all extremely well-produced and shakily written.

The best turned House’s team of doctors into zombies, destroyed by House himself, who can slice a head off with his cane. “Lucky I brought my axe-cane,” is a pretty good throwaway line.

The Butch Cassidy shootout scene looked fantastic, complete with a row of Bolivian solders, but the dialogue was disappointing. Instead of suggesting they go to Australia next, Butch/House suggests a karaoke bar that plays Australian songs (sounds funnier than it played).

There were couple of mild sitcom parodies, including one of House and Cuddy in black-and-white as a perfect 50’s family (see it here). And just when you thought you were escaping Charlie Sheen, here are House and Wilson as roommates raising a child in a fake sitcom the Fox clips (though not the episode) labels “Winning.”

The best thing that happened on House last night? Skip the rest if you don't want to know. . . . Cuddy broke up with him and he went back to taking vicodin. Now in real life that would be a tragedy, but for House it’s fantastic. He was always most interesting when crankiest, most miserable, most messed up, and the endless back-and-forth on-and-offness of the Cuddy-House romance was tiresome from the start. So, good for House for falling off the wagon, and here’s to his miserably wonderful future.

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  • same guy | May 27, 2013 7:20 AMReply

    Yay For Misery Right? I Bet You All Criticized The Misery In The Finale Episode. The Writers Tried A Different Direction Because They Don't Have Infinite Ideas And Monotony Sucks. People Fear Change. Things They Don't UnderstanD Or That Veer Off From Normal More Toward Abstract , Are Seen A Wrong But When The Writers Ended The story Back With The Idea Of Misery, U People Still Probably Complained.

  • Sam | May 27, 2013 7:09 AMReply

    Hahaha Or BeTter Yet, Watch A Show On Tru TV, May I Suggest Southern Fried Stings? If You're Watching A Tv Show And A Scene Like That Musical Number Brings You Back To Reality, THen Maybe Take A Couple More Vicodin Or Better Yet, A Few Less, Open Your Eyes And Realize The Box You're Staring Into With ThE Pretty Pictures Is IN FACT A TV!"You Idiot" , Moron, Etc .. HOUSE FOREVER!!!

  • Sam | May 27, 2013 7:04 AMReply

    You Could MakeThe Argument The Zombie Scene Had No Point Or The Musical Number Had No POint But In The Great Words Of House, "You're An IDIOT"! It's Entertaining, Funny, Creepy And It Reminded Me Of Something The Great Tim Burton Would've Created And Why The Heck Shouldn't The Writers Have An Episode Where Anything Goes?It Had Something For Everyone And If You Didn'T Find It Entertaining, have Something Against Humor WhichA ParodY Falls In The Category Of Humor, Then Try To Find A Different Medical Show More To Your Likings. Try Watching General Hospital, Yawn. House Is The Best Show Myself Or You Could Ever See And I Hope They Bring It Back In Some Way, Shape Or Form. "You IDIOT"!!!

  • sarl | March 12, 2011 4:27 AMReply

    So glad House and Cuddy break-up.
    Season 1-3 was high level, now it's just a bad parody.
    Original rulez!

  • vic0din | March 9, 2011 9:15 AMReply

    I want my axe-cane and the shotgun accessory. That was my favorite moment of the episode. I loved the dream sequences, although I didn't get the point of the musical number.

  • Sam | May 27, 2013 6:34 AM

    How The Hell Didn't u See The Point Of TheMusical? It Was Filled With A Ton Of Metaphors And I Found It Clever, Humorous, And entertaining. The Point Of The Drea Was To Clarify That Cuddy Was Terrified Of House And The Dilemma She Faced Was That House Was Always Absent When She Needed Him ThemThere, Yet Every Dream Or Hallucination She Had, He Was In them . Most Importantly Cuddy wakes Up From The Musical And House Is Right Beside her. Hugh Laurie Isn't Just An Actor And It Was Marvelous To Hear Him SIng And Perform Something Abstract. The Lyrics Explained The Meaning, "Forget Your Feelings Cmon Get Happy", Is Exactly House's Attitude.He Is Supposed To Be Different, Weird, Strange, And Is Depicted As ABit Of A Scary And Creepy Musical Performer Like Something Out Of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory But The One With Johnny Depp. The Dream Says To Me That House Runs The Show, Everyone Else Is His Backup Dancers, He Holds The Cane. Obviously TheCane Is A Symbol Of Powe Both In The Musical And With The Zombies, Best Scene Ever On House Btw. He's The Star AttractIon And This Musical Should Have Reminded You That To Him Every Puzzle He Treats Like A Musical number , There's An Act, A Revelation Or Epiphany And Then A Conclusion And Everyone Affiliated With Him Is Along For His Ride.

  • Cam | March 8, 2011 8:35 AMReply

    The nonsense in this episode made it impossible to connect to the story. It felt like the director/actors/writers were just having fun which will be cool for the dvd extras.. not so good if you're actually interested in the progression of the story. All of the dreams and the painfully obvious pseudo-cancer scare killed the severity of this episode to the characters. Two Stories was similar in nature, so much "fun" that you know you're watching a tv show.. which kills the point of watching a tv show. It's enjoyable to get absorbed in the story of the show you are watching, which is increasingly difficult to do in this season of House.

  • CameronFan | March 8, 2011 8:28 AMReply

    I totally agree with you...the best thing that happened in last night's episode was the demise of that wretched pairing of House/Cuddy and that House is now back on the Vicodin. I also agree that the best episodes of House, MD were the ones featuring a miserable House obsessed with solving his medical puzzle.

    Though, listening to Hugh Laurie sing was awfully nice.

  • HouseFan | March 8, 2011 4:52 AMReply

    I have to disagree with you, I think this is one of the best episodes hes done, yes I thought it was weird at first, but since I am in a similar situation I understood what they were doing. You cannot imagine the nightmares of living with someone that is going to die, I understand when Cuddy said you take the vicodin to get rid of the pain, how right she is. They tell us how to live but they never prepare us for a persons death.

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