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Video Preview: "The Killing" And Its Prime Suspect.

by Caryn James
April 24, 2011 3:00 AM
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Over the past weeks, The Killing has held up its promise as the best mystery series on TV right now. As the suspects pile up in the murder of high-school student Rosie Larsen, a viewers' poll at the AMC site names the prime suspect as her teacher, Bennet Ahmed (photo above). That's the current standing; it could change as you read this, but I doubt he'll be overtaken by less likely candidates. (Det. Sarah Linden's fiance? Really?)

Of course the last episode led us in Bennet's direction after Linden found incriminating letters from him hidden in Rosie's bedroom. This clip from tonight''s episode continues to point that way, but I vote that it's another red herring. Here's a look:

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