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Obama, Romney and Tom Hanks in SNL's Debate

by Caryn James
October 21, 2012 9:46 AM
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Were all the “binders full of women” jokes used up? SNL’s debate sketch ignored the most popular satirical target from the last Presidential debate, focusing instead on the candidates' pugnacious attitudes, with the added attraction of Tagg Romney promising to punch the President.

SNL’s richest targets were the Town Hall debate's ordinary-citizen questioners, one of them played by Tom Hanks in the sketch’s highlight. His surprise appearance might have been the most low-key way to plug a film ever; a real commercial for Hanks’ Cloud Atlas appeared during the show too. But maybe that makes sense for a film whose style is built on obscurity.

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1 Comment

  • Rania | October 22, 2012 10:46 AMReply

    Targeting (mocking) the ordinary citizens who asked questions at the Town Hall was TOTALLY BELOW THE BELT.

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