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Ricky Gervais Returns as David Brent in 'The Office Revisited' (Video)

by Caryn James
March 15, 2013 6:01 PM
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It has been a decade since Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's original version of The Office ended its brief but brilliant run. Now Gervais has brought David Brent back in The Office Revisited, a 10 minute video done for Red Nose Day, an All-Star BBC program that is part of the UK's Comic Relief fundraiser.

The video uses the same mock-doc style as The Office, but now Brent is a part time music manager, "a local Simon Cowell, better actually," as he says, who takes his star act into a recording studio. There Brent picks up a guitar and sings about the latest woman to break  his heart -- "She's the serpent who guards the gates of hell." Nice.

When The Office morphed into its American remake, Steve Carell brought a distinct kind of lovable narcissism to David Brent's counterpart, Michael Scott, but the U.S. version was always gentler than the original. Brent was acerbically funny, every bit as self-delusional as Scott but even blinder to his own lack of social awareness  -- not to mention racist and sexist blunders.

No wonder he insists here that he and his act, a black rapper, become an Ebony & Ivory duo on Brent's own song "Equality Street." Toward the end of this episode, they head off to make the music video. You can watch the result here.

Take a look at the brief sequel that proves Gervais is still the ultimate master of sardonic wit. 

Red Nose Day was also responsible for one of the first and funniest Downton Abbey parodies; if you missed that, catch it here.

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