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SNL Video: Bill Hader As Drunk Rick Perry

by Caryn James
November 6, 2011 3:06 PM
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With so much rich material around, you’d expect SNL to come through with scathing political sketches this year. But ... no. Last night there was not even a mention of Herman Cain. Isn’t that show supposed to be topical?

But there was one terrific political sketch on Weekend Update: Bill Hader’s parody of Rick Perry’s wild speech, the one that had people wondering what chemical might have induced his high energy. This Perry actually drinks from a flask. It’s the kind of unforgettable imitation that could damage a candidate – if Perry still had much of a  campaign to cling to.

For the night’s pop-culture highlight, take a look at the hilarious, nearly-real E! special, Kim Kardashian's Fairytale Divorce.

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