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Seth and Stefon's Big SNL Wedding, and Iran's Reply to Argo (Video)

by Caryn James
May 19, 2013 11:35 AM
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Stefon -- the guide to New York's hottest, most twisted clubs - was never my favorite Bill Hader character, but he grew on me. And since last night's SNL was Hader's last, it was inevitable that Stefon would pop up on Weekend Update. But who could have  guessed that, tired of his unrequited love for Seth Meyers, Stefon would leave to marry another man, only to have Meyers run after him like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate? Take a look at Stefon's big wedding, with Amy Poehler and Anderson Cooper.

And when they run back to the Weekend Update set, don't miss the gallery of Update characters waiting to cheer them, including Drunk Uncle, the Devil and the Bar Mitzvah Boy. (Meyers has said he won't leave the show until the middle of next season, when he'll get ready to replace Jimmy Fallon on Late Night.)  

Fred Armisen, who's also leaving, ended the show by singing a farewell song with friends who included Carrie Brownstein and Kim Gordon. It was sweet, but all the goodbyes left poor Ben Affleck without much to do as host. He did cameo in SNL's version of Iran's response to Argo, starring President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Armisen) as Affleck in Bengo F*#* Yourself.

Jason Sudeikis hasn't announced yet whether he'll be back, so no send-off for him, but he has been terribly underused this year, so who'd be surprised if he moved on? 

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