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"The Killing" Returns: Can You Forgive It?

by Caryn James
April 1, 2012 9:00 AM
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The Killing Mireille Enos

If you’re going to watch season 2 of The Killing – and based on tonight’s premiere I recommend you should - you just have to say “All is forgiven” about the season 1 finale, which pointedly did not tell us who killed Rosie Larsen. You will not find out tonight either, or for a long time to come; the producers have promised to reveal the killer late in the season. So relax and enjoy what The Killing does best: engage us, even more deeply this season, in  Det. Sarah Linden’s (the powerfully restrained Mireille Enos) personal obsessions and fraught relationship with her adolescent son, Jack. Here's a question (no answer below, just the question) you will have answered tonight:

Why did Councilman Richmond (Billy Campbell), not charged with the killing after all, show up at  his girlfriend/campaign manager’s house soaking wet on the night of Rosie’s murder?

And we’ll find out more about the doctored photo of Richmond’s car on the bridge that night, and how Linden’s partner Holder (Joel Kinnaman, recently cast as the new movie’s RoboCop  and effectively creepy here) might be involved.  

If you want to catch up, here’s my review of the season 1 finale, and below, a quick video catch-up from :

And here’s a look at the season 2 premiere.

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1 Comment

  • RHarwell | April 5, 2012 10:07 AMReply

    Sorry. Season 1 lost me. There is no one likable in this series. No one to pull for. When season 1 ended, I didn't care who killed the girl. The BBC original is much better.

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