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From the Wire: Ebert on 'Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie'

Criticwire By Matt Singer | Criticwire March 2, 2012 at 12:16PM

Just one-half star for all that shrim? And is "Tim and Eric" the most divisive movie of the year so far?
"Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie."
"Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie."

From Roger Ebert's half-star review of "Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie"

"Describing the movie is bringing down the level of my prose. As faithful readers will know, I have a few cult followers who enjoy my reviews of bad movies. These have been collected in the books I Hated, Hated, Hated, HATED This Movie; Your Movie Sucks, and A Horrible Experience of Unendurable Length. This movie is so bad, it couldn't even inspire a review worthy of one of those books. I have my standards."

I can't tell.  Do you think he liked it?

By the way, Criticwire's average grade for "Tim and Eric" is currently a C+ out of 14 ratings that range from an F (from The Oregonian's Shawn Levy) to an A- (from Collider's Matthew Wilder).  There may not be a more divisive movie this year.  Viva la shrim!

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