"Total Recall."
"Total Recall."

The Top Ten Arnold Schwarzenegger One-Liners of All-Time

10) From "True Lies" (1994), before shooting a terrorist attached to a missile at a helicopter filled with more terrorists:

9) From "Predator" (1987), after impaling a man with a knife:

8) From "Red Heat" (1988), after discovering cocaine in a man's fake leg:

7) From "Commando" (1985), after promising a man he would kill him last:

6) From "The 6th Day" (2000), telling off a scientist who specializes in illegal cloning:

5) From "Raw Deal" (1986), after his wife throws a cake at him:

4) From "Commando" (1985), after killing a man on an airplane and making it look like he's asleep:

3) From "Total Recall" (1990), after killing his wife:

2) From every movie he's ever made, before he does something violent:

1) From "Commando" (1985), after impaling his enemy with a steam pipe:

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