"Mulholland Dr"
"Mulholland Dr"

The Critical Press, a new imprint dedicated to medium-length film books, has announced three more forthcoming titles, bringing its list of upcoming books to eight. They are:

I Lost It at the Video Store by Tom Roston, which "constructs a living, personal history of an era of cinema history which, though now gone, continues to shape film culture today" through interviews with filmmakers who came of age in video stores, and drew a few paychecks from them as well.

Shots in the Dark by Jonathan Baumbach, the first volume to collect the film writing of the novelist and film critic, a two-time president of the National Society of Film Critics and, by the way, Noah Baumbach's father.

She Is Me, by Miriam Bale, a history of the female "persona swap" genre, touching on "Mulholland Dr.," "3 Women," "Single White Female," "Celine and Julie Go Boating," and of course "Persona." (We assume both "Freaky Fridays" are involved as well.)

The three books, all due out in 2015, join the Critical Press' initial three-volume slate as well as Matthew Dessem's The Gag Man, a biography of Buster Keaton's invaluable, unstable screenwriter, and Steve Carlson's Screaming in Analog, a history of video-shot horror movies.