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Critics Pretty Much Lose Their Minds Over 'Simpsons World'

Photo of Sam Adams By Sam Adams | Criticwire July 21, 2014 at 3:32PM

Are you excited for the portal that will allow you to watch and share clips from every "Simpsons" episode ever made? Not as excited as the critics who witnessed the announcement.

Perhaps you've heard the news that Fox unveiled the details of its Simpsons World portal to a group of TV journalists at the Television Critics Association's summer tour today. Perhaps you're excited that FXX will be running a marathon of ever single "Simpsons" episode ever made beginning August 21, or that come October, you'll be able to access all of them through the website and mobile apps (pending authorization from your cable provide). Perhaps. But you're not as excited as the critics themselves, who greeted the news with the kind of enthusiasm that Homer reserves for a forbidden donut. As the A.V. Club's Sonia Saraiya put it

The scope of the project is staggering, but the team behind it at FXX—headed by Stephanie Gibbons, president of marketing and on-air promotions—has clearly come to the experience with the hopes of making it as palatable to fans as possible. All the clips shown during FXX’s presentation were fan favorites—the audience of critics outright laughed. And after the announcement, there were audible “wow”s from the room—this from an organization that is so dour it doesn’t applaud, ever.

Want more proof? Witness in real time as the TCA's collective membership just about loses their collective mind.

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