"Hyde Park on Hudson"
"Hyde Park on Hudson"

If you thought last week was slow for home video releases, take a look at this week. Only one new release has more than three Criticwire grades! On the bright side, today's releases cover a variety of genres; on the other hand, the reviews have not been particularly kind to the small films nor the big one.

"Hyde Park on Hudson"
Criticwire Average: C+ (52 ratings)

"'Hyde Park on Hudson' never really slots into top gear, but it's a pleasurable enough watch...The script is dotted with humorous asides and moments of likeable slapstick, though the dramatic passages don’t fare so well, and none of it has any real weight." -- Keith Uhlich, Time Out New York

"The film, though light on plot, moves with a zealous confidence and is driven by an Oscar-nom-worthy master stroke from Murray." -- Jordan M. Smith, IonCinema

"Late Bloomers"
Criticwire Average: B- (2 ratings)

"It offers shallow pleasures and the satisfaction of seeing two actors in performances better than the film deserves." -- Roger EbertRogerEbert.com

Criticwire Average: C (3 ratings)

"'Stolen' is mildly engaging, inasmuch as it poses a riddle and makes the audience wait for the answer, in the classic mystery mode. But first-time feature director Anders Anderson brings nothing to the table in terms of style or modulation." -- Noel Murray, A.V. Club

"The Sorcerer and the White Snake"
Criticwire Average: D (1 rating)

"Unfortunately, the film's tonally messy, garish -- with every frame crammed with fourth-rate visual effects -- and perhaps most crucially for a film in this genre, doesn't have a single compelling action sequence." -- Oliver Lyttelton, The Playlist