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New Action Film Solicits 6 Second Video Reviews From Social Media

by Matt Singer
March 18, 2013 4:40 PM
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"Olympus Has Fallen."

Film critics who've seen the new "Die Hard" in the White House movie "Olympus Has Fallen" will have to wait until at least tomorrow at 3:00 PM to publicly share their thoughts about it. That's when the embargo on their reviews lifts. In the meantime, the film's distributor, FilmDistrict, has outsourced their job to the general public: recruiting regular people who've seen advanced screenings of the movie to share their "6 Sec Reviews" -- with only six seconds to work with, there's no time to type out the entire word "seconds" -- on Vine, the new social media video app that lets you share (extremely) brief clips with the world via your smartphone.

For example:

You may notice that the woman in this particular Vine is standing in front of an "Olympus Has Fallen" poster ready-made for her comments. "YOUR QUOTE HERE!" it reads, followed by "Your Name Here." And she obliges with a 6 Sec Review perfect for poster blurbage: "'Olympus Has Fallen' was dramatic!" she says, "Riveting! The stuff that good movies are made of!" 

Six seconds of stuff you can stick right on a poster -- and absolutely nothing else. It's the perfect movie review! Welcome to Weird Pull Quote Theater: The Television Show. By the way, so far I haven't been able to find a 6 Sec Review of "Olympus Has Fallen" that isn't wildly (albeit concisely) positive. So the movie must be amazing, right?

Watch more "Olympus Has Fallen" 6 Second Reviews.

[H/T Matt Patches]

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  • embargoat | March 19, 2013 11:08 AMReply


  • bob hawk | March 19, 2013 3:52 AMReply

    OMG . . . some dodos who do ad copy for ADVANCE screenings still make the mistake of referring to them as advancED -- but a journalist? Matt Singer, go to the blackboard and write ADVANCE SCREENING 50 times! (smiley face)

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