Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson

Just four months shy of joining Vanity Fair as its online Hollywood columnist, Richard Lawson has added film critic to his responsibilities, the magazine announced in a brief statement. When Lawson joined the site in November, Digital Director Mike Hogan said "Vanity Fair has always nurtured and celebrated original voices, and Richard's is both unique and addictive -- as the many people here who read him every day can attest. One of them described him as ‘H.L. Mencken if he read US Weekly,’ and I can't really improve on that.”

Lawson, who came to Vanity Fair from The (Atlantic) Wire, will continue to write a daily gossip column and review television in addition to a weekly movie review or two. Here's his most recent review, of "Captain America: Winter Soldier." 

The complete announcement:

New York, N.Y. -- Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson has added film critic to his duties as's Hollywood columnist, editor Graydon Carter announced today.

"Richard's beautifully written reviews combine insight, humor, and a refreshingly humane approach to criticism -- though he's certainly capable of eviscerating a true stinker," said Carter. "He's the perfect choice to be the site’s first official film critic."

In his new role, Lawson will review one to two releases each week, in addition to his regular duties reviewing television, surveying the day’s best gossip, and issuing opinions on entertainment-industry news.