"The Dark Knight Rises."
"The Dark Knight Rises."
As part of its ongoing effort to catalog the rapid debasement of the English language, Criticwire created the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week Award, bestowed upon one remarkable web denizen for their outstanding achievement in the field of crazy. As always, the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week has not been edited in any way. Someone actually wrote this. No, seriously.

The Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week for Friday, July 20:

"Jim R."
Commenting at Rotten Tomatoes on Christy Lemire's review of "The Dark Knight Rises"

How many people can call a movie good before the people who don't like it become wrong. I mean 29 people who liked it to 3 who didn't. It's hard to read "I loved it" 29 times followed by "I hated it " and take that view seriously. I respect critics because I wanna be one. So Christy can have whatever view she wants without the necessity of my opinion thrown in there.

Congratulations, Jim! For believing any opinion is valid if enough people agree with it, and for claiming to respect critics in the midst of arguing that we shouldn't take a critic you don't like seriously, and for expressing a desire to want to be a critic while simultaneously arguing against critical thoughtyou are the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week. But if 29 people disagree, then you don't have to accept the award.

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