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The Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week for Friday, June 15th

by Matt Singer
June 15, 2012 9:04 AM
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"John Carter."
"John Carter."
As part of its ongoing effort to catalog the rapid debasement of the English language, Criticwire created the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week Award, bestowed upon one remarkable web denizen for their outstanding achievement in the field of crazy. As always, the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week has not been edited in any way. Someone actually wrote this. No, seriously.

The Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week for Friday, June 15th:

"Easy to Criticize"
Commenting at Criticwire on "'John Carter' and Perpetual Sneak Preview Culture."

Most movie critics are weak minded cowards who are far to easily influence by peer pressure. They're pathetic sniveling wretches incapable of forming their own opinions or having the moral fortitude to stand up for something they believe in. They coalesce into the herd for fear of standing out or for having a view that doesn't align with that of "the majority of critics" and the worst part is they get paid to do so.

Congratulations, Easy to Criticize! For bashing the entire profession of film criticism on a blog devoted to the entire profession of film criticism, and for spelling "coalesce" right and "too" wrong, and for leaving the exact same comment on another post 5 minutes later under a different identity and email address and thinking that no one would notice that they are word-for-word identical, you are the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week. You are to funny.

To nominate someone for the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week Award, email a link to To read past winners go to our Funniest Internet Commenter Archive.


  • wireless broadband comparison | June 17, 2012 10:21 PMReply

    I don't think so that there is also Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week Award, maybe because you can make a comment easily and make influence to others.
    Thank YOU

  • SmackDab | June 16, 2012 4:44 PMReply

    Pretty trifling stuff. This is journalism?

  • Jason | June 15, 2012 4:30 PMReply

    DIEGOMOM50, do you really not get his point? Or do you just not agree with it? Also, "His's or Her's..."? I've heard of double negatives, but not double possessives.

  • Diegomom50 | June 15, 2012 2:19 PMReply

    I don't get your point. You resort to spelling as a criticism? His's or Her's take on critics pretty much sums up my feelings on critics. Just why do we need someone to tell us what to think of a movie? Why can't we go and decide for ourselves. I ignore most critics, in fact all critics because they usually hate whatever it is that I love. And if critics can't take the heat of an opposing view, quit writing. Take it on the chin.

  • Rohan | June 15, 2012 11:10 AMReply

    I am a daily based reader of I have stated before that there are some writers in the blogs that I don't agree with, but overall, I enjoy the site. This segment of the Indiewire, in my opinion, is quite funny and also at times I find it superfluous.

  • Corey Atad | June 15, 2012 10:34 AMReply

    I would very much like too hear Easy to Criticize's take on Mr. Armond White.

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