"The Amazing Spider-Man."
"The Amazing Spider-Man."
As part of its ongoing effort to catalog the rapid debasement of the English language, Criticwire created the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week Award, bestowed upon one remarkable web denizen for their outstanding achievement in the field of crazy. As always, the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week has not been edited in any way. Someone actually wrote this. No, seriously.

The Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week for Friday, June 29th:

Commenting at HitFix on Drew McWeeny's review of "The Amazing Spider-Man"

Drew, you suck serious ass at reviewing movies. One this movie takes nothing from the original, but I bet $100 dollars you adore Batman Begins which takes the origin from Batman. Two it is the best Spidey movie we will ever see. Three go back to English class, this movie fucking owns I give this movie a 10/10 much better than Raimi's crap

Congratulations, Roby1988! For dismissing a film critic's well-reasoned argument without a shred of evidence, and for incorrectly stating that "Batman Begins" recycles its origin story from Tim Burton's "Batman," and for telling someone to go back to English class in a sentence that is missing at least two punctuation marks and uses the word "owns" in a way you won't find in any dictionary, you are the Funniest Internet Commenter of the Week. You own I give your comment a 10/10.

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