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This Week on Criticwire: The Next Wave of Year-End Praise

Photo of Steve Greene By Steve Greene | Criticwire December 9, 2012 at 9:44AM

Critics groups awards season is upon us and with them come scores of early reviews for the films destined to overtake theaters nationwide in 2012's final weeks.

Weekend Reel Reads: Connecting Films to the Real World: Most of this week's notable stories from around the web managed to draw real-life parallels to the events that happen on-screen.

The Criticwire Survey: The Best Performance of the Year: The heavy hitters are well represented, but the mixed bag of performances covers a wide range of styles and sensibilities.

Sight & Sound Critics Poll Pick 'The Master': Their list largely eschews the mainstream, but it does offer plenty of potential for the next few months of releases.

'Zero Dark Thirty' Tops New York Film Critics Circle Awards: The NYFCC took their time this year, but when they announced the winners, Bigelow and Co. came out on top.

Early 'Hobbit' Reviews Hit the Internet: They range from the tepid to the vibrant, giving hope to the die-hards while managing some expectations.

Watch the First Review of 'Django Unchained' (That We've Found, Anyway): Their opinion of the film is presented with few examples where their enthusiasm was tempered.

VODetails: 'Dying to Do Letterman': This tale of a comic on his quest for late-night glory might be worth your VODollars.

The Problem With 'Worst of the Year' Lists: Let's be honest. The real worst films of the year don't end up making most of those lists.

'Taken 2' Ad Banned By UK Watchdog Group For Alleged Use of Fake Critics' Quotes: This incident was Weird Pull Quote Theater writ large.

'Glengarry Glen Ross' Broadway Revival Accused of Trying to 'Avoid Critical Scrutiny': In a development often found in the film industry, there might not be a monetary reason to preview the popular show.

Darren Aronofsky Says Negative Variety Review Sent 'The Fountain' Into a "Tailspin": Whether or not the director's assessment is accurate, it does bring into question whether critics should review artists they're predisposed to not liking.

When Bad Accents Happen to Good Actors: Ten of the more cringeworthy lilts from respected thespians (plus a bonus Keanu)!

Most Early 'Les Miserables' Reviews Definitely Not Miserable: Despite the unimpressive Criticwire rating, there seems to be plenty to look forward to from the new musical.

Roger Ebert Hospitalized After Fracturing Hip: Have no fear: he seems to be back online and in good spirits.

Barbed Wire: 'Playing for Keeps': Critics have really seized on the alternate title theme, producing some classics in the process.

Criticwire Picks: Like 'Beasts of the Southern Wild'? 'Tchoupitoulas' is Another Successful Trip to New Orleans: The Ross Brothers' new documentary charts the journey of three brothers over the course of a single New Orleans night (and has brought critics along with them).

This Week's Year-End Catch-Up Capsules: Be prepared for a look at one of the most infectious dance films you'll ever see.

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