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This Week on Criticwire: The Pre-Skyfall Finishing Touches

Photo of Steve Greene By Steve Greene | Criticwire November 11, 2012 at 11:39AM

As stateside moviegoers get a chance to catch up with the newest Bond film, we have multiple look backs at some of the best installments, the curious global translations and the different reactions to those less enamored.

The Criticwire Survey: Your Favorite Bond Film: "Casino Royale" gets a lot of attention here, but it's a varied list that shows the true scope of Bond admiration.

Weird Pull Quote Theater: 'Hyde Park on Hudson': The web's favorite recurring blog segment returns with an oddly selective excerpt from our friends over at The Playlist.

An Alternate 'View' on the Most Hated Bond Film Ever: The classic Duran Duran theme song, an aging Roger Moore and a all-too-fun villain turn from Christopher Walken all add up to the fact that "View to a Kill" might not be as bad as everyone makes it out to be.

If Daniel Craig is Your Favorite Bond, Are You Really a Bond Fan?In short, it depends on why you like him, whether as an evolutionary version of the icon or as a rebellious figure who shares no similarities with his predecessors.

From the Wire: On 'the Myth' of So-Bad-It's-Good: While it's hard to completely condemn the tried-and-true practice of ironic film viewing, the question of cinematic merit seems to be shifting to whether or not a film has a recognizable personal element.

Bondanomics: The Latest 007 Rankings from Around the Web: Dying to find out how different sites have ranked the best and worst parts of each film in the series? We have a helpful roundup.

The Bond Foreign Language Title Quiz: I loved "Calm Down Mr. Bond"!

Angry 'Skyfall' Commenters React to Negative Reviews As If Sky Was Actually Falling: Himanshu Pant is really angling for that Angry Commenter Lifetime Achievement Award.

Criticwire Picks: Surprise! It's 'Skyfall.' Plus: How to Avoid 'Starlet' Spoilers: We're not the only ones crazy about the latest Bond installment, as scores of other critics are lining up to praise the acting, directing, cinematography or all of the above.

VODetails: 'Save the Date': If you're a fan of TV comedies, this one might be worth checking out just for the cast.

Criticwire's Year-End Movie Cheat Sheet: Prepare to be daunted (or excited or pleased or surprised) by how many well-reviewed films are still out there, waiting to be absorbed.

The Best Bond Films Ever: As an added bonus, each Bond iteration has its own representation on this list of seven.

From the Wire: Stanley Kubrick, the Elephantine Termite: B. Kite's recent essay in Film Comment captures the appeal and intrigue of the iconic director in an impressive, concise fashion.

Elliott Stein (1928-2012): The Village Voice film critic and programmer represented a bygone era of written and typed criticism, providing an opportunity for one future film blogger to learn from one of the best.

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