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This Week on Criticwire: Weighing In on Critical Habits

Photo of Steve Greene By Steve Greene | Criticwire November 24, 2012 at 9:56AM

Whether taking aim at unlikable main characters, opting to not watch films more than once or discussing the current state of the profession, critics are doing (and have done) plenty to keep people talking.

Weekend Reel Reads: Origins of Cameras and Characters: The past week's collection of film-related stories included the tale of the greatest screenplay never produced and a meticulous analysis of the tracking shots of Paul Thomas Anderson.

The Criticwire Survey: Underrated Hitchcock: "Frenzy" was a popular response, but the rest of this week's survey reads like a mandatory Hitch viewing list.

'The Comedy' Director Calls Out Critics For "Insulting and Irresponsible" Reviews: Director Rick Alverson continues his artistic crusade to eradicate condemnation of behavior as a filmmaking convention.

Editor Dismisses Film Critic, Claiming Movies "Robbed America of its Manliness": Apparently, some publications were uncomfortable with "Snow White and the Huntsman" for...different reasons.

Listen to a Criticwire Panel Discussion on the State of Film Criticism in the Digital Age: Reproduced for your listening pleasure, an hour-long talk featuring some New York-based critics you might just be familiar with.

Actually, Pauline Kael Did Occasionally Watch Films More Than Once: The legendary Kael tidbit might not be as comprehensive as we may have previously believed.

From the Wire: The 'Hitchcock' Fact-Check: Perhaps some biopics aren't meant to be checked against history, but Ben Kenigsberg has assembled a collection of slight inaccuracies with the latest film about Alfred Hitchcock.

VODetails: 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas': Reviews for Edward Burns' latest are somewhat mixed, but the addition of Connie Britton might have just put it over the top.

Criticwire Picks: 'Rust and Bone,' 'Bad 25' and 'Central Park Five' Top a Crowded Holiday Weekend: In which we note the critics who gave thanks for multiple docs reaching public consumption this week.

Elvis Mitchell Literally Laughs at the Idea of Being a Full-Time Critic Again: If you hosted a popular radio show and curated at a nationally-recognized museum, maybe you wouldn't have time to be a critic either.

From the Wire: A "Fun in the Foyer" Furor: One critic thinks that PR spoils might be overtaking the London screening circuit, and his assertions may not be restricted to Europe alone.

Matt Answers Every Criticwire Survey Question: After months of collecting everyone else's answers, Matt takes the opportunity to give his responses to the various questions, including a fascinating prequel idea.

Listen to Matt on the Cinephiliacs Podcast: An hour-and-a-half discussion of film criticism featuring a heavy dose of the Shyamalan "documentary?" Count me in!

This Week in Year-End Movie Catch-Up: As the end of the voting period looms in just a couple of weeks, Matt takes some time to round out his list of 2012 viewings.

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