"Black Rock."
"Black Rock."
And now, it's time for another installment of Weird Pull Quote Theater!

From: The Village Voice, Vol. LVIII No. 20

Black Rock WPQT

Movie"Black Rock"

Criticwire AverageB- (out of 23 critics)

Pull Quote: "'Deliverance!' for girls!"

Author: Kate ErblandFilm School Rejects

Original Quote, in Context"Aselton has ceded writing duties to her husband, Mark Duplass, and the pair have made what will likely be referred to as 'Deliverance for girls' for many years to come."

Why It's Weird: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Pull Quote Theater! This is Exhibit A in why pull quotes and qualifying adverbs don't mix, a stylistic choice that  seems to be the basis for these context-stripping snippets. 

What's more, this pull quote is playing into the very trap that Erbland's review warns against. The very next line in her piece states that "Black Rock" is "a twisty little horror outing that perhaps shares more with The Freebie than might be obvious from first blush." As with many of these Weird Pull Quotes, Erbland provides plenty of alternatives in her review that would be far more appealing (and less oversimplifying): "surprising sophomore effort," "brand new genre," "style and fair." "Economical and thought-provoking" probably doesn't fill up seats, but that's certainly a more ringing endorsement, no? Heck, if you're going to remove key context, why not take the first word out of "somewhat awe-inspiring?"

And how exactly is having the same content as "Deliverance" a selling point? Last time I heard the trailer, there wasn't any banjo music. So by referencing that other title, you're conjuring up, well, the only other scene from that film that most people remember. So...if you loved that, you'll love it with women! (?) If you're going to use a critic's half-comparison as a selling point, maybe it's not the best choice to invoke a film that features a brutal sexual assault. The more I think about it, this is more than just a weird way to sell a movie.

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This has been another installment of Weird Pull Quote Theater!