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Weird Pull Quote Theater: 'Detachment'

Criticwire By Matt Singer | Criticwire March 22, 2012 at 4:28PM

Another installment of our continuing series about movie ad pull quotes that make no sense.

Detachment Pull Quote
And now, it's time for another installment of Weird Pull Quote Theater!

From: The Village Voice, Vol. LVII, No. 12


Pull Quote: "Passionate, sincere... 'Detachment' may grip your soul.'

Author: Ella Taylor, NPR

Original Quote, in Context: "'Detachment' is passionate, sincere and occasionally razor-sharp in ways you'd expect from the director of 'Lake of Fire,' one of the finest documentaries ever made about the abortion debate... As a study in how a man learns to become a parent to himself and to others, 'Detachment' may grip your soul. But its end-state despair about our cities and our schools feels inflated, showy and quite possibly beside the point."

Why It's Weird:  Pull quotes are supposed to go right for the jugular.  BIG!  HUGE!  WORDS!  ALL!  FOLLOWED! BY! EXCLAMATION!  POINTS!  There shouldn't be room for nuance.  Which is why it's so weird to see the word "may" in Taylor's quote on "Detachment." Okay, so "Detachment" may grip your soul -- but hey, it's not for everyone, and who knows?  It's almost like they worried people'd ask for their money back if it didn't grip their souls.  As usual, the original context explains the oddness: this line is actually more of a qualified insult than a compliment.  It may grip your soul, but really, the film is too inflated and showy. Any soul-gripping here is purely incidental.

This has been another installment of Weird Pull Quote Theater!

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