"[REC] 3: Genesis."
"[REC] 3: Genesis."

The 2013 South By Southwest Film Festival gets underway this Friday with the world premiere of "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone," and continues for the next eight days with dozens of movies from around the world. I'll be down in Austin for the festival, reviewing movies for ScreenCrush and moderating a panel on -- what else? -- the state of film criticism. 

If you're not headed down south (by southwest) this week, allow me to a suggest an alternative entertainment plan: watch something from last year's festival at home. According to Criticwire's advanced team of scientists and their first-of-its-kind proprietary metric -- i.e. Criticwire Assistant Editor Steve Greene and Google -- there are 52 SXSW '12 alumni currently available to rent, stream, or own right now on your gaming console, computer, tablet or, (God help us all) your phone.

Here is a list of those alumni, arranged by delivery method. To prevent it from becoming an eyesore, I've only included one outlet for each film, but if a title is included below, the odds are pretty good you can watch it on a variety of platforms. So, for example, if you're not a Netflix subscriber and you want to watch "Indie Game: The Movie," you still can -- it's also available for rent on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube. If you see something you want to watch, but not the way you want to watch it, do a little more digging and you'll probably find it.

Without further ado or bad jokes, here are...

SXSW 2012 Movies You Can Watch At Home Right Now

(NOTE: Matt's Recommended Titles In Italics With Asterisk)

On Netflix
"The Announcement," directed by Nelson George
"The Babymakers," directed by Jay Chandrasekhar
"Crazy Eyes," directed by Adam Sherman
"The Do-Deca Pentathlon," 
directed by Jay and Mark Duplass
"Dreams of a Life," 
directed by Carol Morley
"God Bless America," 
directed by Bobcat Goldthwait
"Her Master's Voice," 
directed by Nina Conti
"The Hunter," 
directed by Daniel Nettheim
*"The Imposter," 
directed by Bart Layton
*"Indie Game: the Movie," 
directed by Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky
directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
"Iron Sky," 
directed by Timo Vuorensola
directed by Guy Maddin
"Lovely Molly," 
directed by Eduardo Sanchez
directed by Kevin Macdonald
"[REC] 3: Genesis," 
directed by Paco Plaza
"The Tall Man," 
directed by Pascal Laugier
*"V/H/S," directed by Various

On Hulu Plus
"Under African Skies," 
directed by Joe Berlinger

On VOD or Online Rental
"The Aggression Scale," directed by Steven C. Miller
"America's Parking Lot," directed by Jonny Mars
"Beauty is Embarrassing," directed by Neil Berkeley
*"Beware of Mr. Baker," directed by Jay Bulger
"Big Easy Express," directed by Emmett Malloy
"Brooklyn Castle," directed by Katie Dellamaggiore
"Citadel," directed by Ciaran Foy
"The Comedy," directed by Rick Alverson
"Decoding Deepak," directed by Gotham Chopra
"Degenerate Art: The Art and Culture of Glass Pipes," directed by Marble Slinger
*"Fat Kid Rules the World," directed by Matthew Lillard
*"Francine," directed by Brian M. Cassidy and Melanie Shatzky
"Funeral Kings," directed by Kevin and Matthew McManus
*"Gayby," directed by Jonathan Lisecki
"Girl Model," directed by David Redmon and Ashley Sabin
"Hunky Dory," directed by Marc Evans
*"In Our Nature," directed by Brian Savelson
"The Jeffrey Dahmer Files," directed by Chris James Thompson
*"John Dies at the End," directed by Don Coscarelli
"Killer Joe," directed by William Friedkin
"Last Call at the Oasis," directed by Jessica Yu
"Paul Williams Still Alive," directed by Stephen Kessler
"$ellebrity," directed by Kevin Mazur
"The Sheik and I," directed by Caveh Zahedi
"Small Apartments," directed by Jonas Akerlund
"3, 2, 1... Frankie Go Boom," directed by Jordan Roberts
"Waiting For Lightning," directed by Jacob Rosenberg
"We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists," directed by Brian Knappenberger

Available For Online Purchase
*"Birders: The Central Park Effect," directed by Jeffrey Kimball
"The Cabin in the Woods," directed by Drew Goddard
"The Raid: Redemption," directed by Gareth Evans
"21 Jump Street," directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller