...Just for One Day

By Matthew Curtis | Enzian Theater April 24, 2007 at 12:08PM

...Just for One Day

Eagle-eyed Enzian Director of Marketing and Development, Shannon Lacek, was giddy for Diddy today as she quizzed me on whether or not I caught a particular supporting turn from one of our favorite Florida Film Festival characters on Monday's new episode of "Heroes." I knew the Asian messenger picking up the artwork in soon-to-be-doomed-Isaac Mendez' studio looked familiar, but Shan nailed it--none other than the air guitarist extraordinaire himself, the honorable "C. Diddy" (actor David S. Jung), was featured in ".07%," the latest chapter of one of the coolest things on TV.

It's probably not a recurring role, but fear not C. Diddy fans in the Orlando area. You can see a whole lot more of David's work in the gloriously entertaining doc feature, AIR GUITAR NATION, returning to Enzian on May 4 for a one -week theatrical run following its triumphant closing day screening at the Florida Film Festival a few weeks ago. Now we'll have to check on any upcoming network roles for bitter C. Diddy rival, Bjorn Turoque...


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