Fahrenheit 9/11 Panel

By slacek | Enzian Theater July 6, 2004 at 5:22AM

Fahrenheit 9/11 Panel

Last night Enzian held a panel discussion on Fahrenheit 9/11. Events like this are always proud moments for the staff because we get to open a dialogue in the community and engage our audience beyond just sitting in a dark room to watch a film.

In an evening full of highlights, I was most moved by the words of Jared Cruze, a local bartender and former National Guardsman, who was interviewed twice in the film. (See story in the Orlando Sentinel) Jared told us he wanted to set the record straight on some things, so we weren't quite sure what he was going to say. In the end, after watching the film with the audience again, he very simply and eloquently said that he was honored to be among us representing thousands of soldiers who fought, are fighting, have been injured and killed for this war. His short speech brought tears to my eyes and a touching round of applause from the audience. Well done, Jared.

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