International Encore

by Matthew Curtis
March 14, 2007 1:12 AM
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While I could be writing about how pathetic and embarrassing and truly awful our local pro basketball franchise has become after such a promising beginning to the year, I've decided instead to dwell on more positive developments on the entertainment scene. It's always bothered me that the International Narrative Shorts and International Animated Shorts programs at the Florida Film Festival only got one showing each. Since these programs were so popular and so labor intensive and costly to produce (especially when considering return shipping charges), why not make it a priority to get them both an additional screening?

I'm happy to report that we've pulled it off for this year's 16th annual festival which opens next Friday, March 23. The two programs, which are comprised of 22 films from 9 countries, include 5 US Premieres and are two of the finest and most diverse shorts collections we've ever asembled. The International Animated Shorts program even has two documentaries(!) in its line-up: the stunning MCLAREN'S NEGATIVES from Canada about film artist and innovator Norman McLaren, and NEVER LIKE THE FIRST TIME! from Sweden, a fascinating and ingenious memory film with four people recalling their first sexual experiences.

So you now have two shots apiece at catching the International Shorts programs from Friday, March 30 - Sunday, April 1--chances are, there won't be another opportunity to ever again see these on the big screen in Central Florida. You don't want to miss out...and don't forget to vote on your Audience Award ballots.


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  • Jim DeSantis | March 15, 2007 5:16 AMReply

    I will keep my schedule open on Sunday. Friday is booked solid. I need fill my time with DOCS.
    I just saw "Cocaine Cowboys" amd loved it. It was interesting to see that MIAMI was overrun with drug lords in a ten year span of Miami's history, and that is what has shaped culture to become what it is today. Why did we not get this last year for the film festival?
    It had a real local feel.
    Of course, you do an awesome job of getting us what you can, but I want it all.
    Also, I am very sad that we are not getting "CHASING GHOSTS," but glad to see the "King of Kong" made the list. I hear good things.

  • Brian Feldman | March 14, 2007 3:04 AMReply