KidFest vs. Penguins

by Chris Blanc
July 26, 2005 5:06 AM
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KidFest has taken over Enzian Theater this week--challenged only by a large migrating herd/covey/gangsta (?) of penguins who insist on dominating the screen!

First, KidFest. This year we've resurrected our tradition of Young People's matinees and added a summer camp for the mornings. Our educational program has been designed and led by notable teacher, playwright, children's book author, and actor Alan Sincic. The class is wild and adverturous--directed to the imaginative potential of the campers, who are having so much great fun that they hardly even notice how much they are learning, which is plenty.

Second, Penguin-mania is sweeping Enzian! One sold-out screening after another of March of the Penguins. This sweet contemplative study of bird life on the ice floes is truly rocking our world.

Your pal,

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