Oscar Facts We Didn't Know

by Matthew Curtis
February 23, 2007 9:57 AM
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Today's Orlando Sentinel Calendar section has some clever (as usual) commentary from the writer known only as "Commander Coconut," especially in regard to Academy Award trivia. With the Oscars bearing down on us two nights from now, I thought it was worth noting a couple of these that I found particularly interesting.

"Fredo" himself, the late John Cazale, only made five feature films in his abruptly shortened film career (1972-78): THE GODFATHER, THE CONVERSATION, THE GODFATHER PART II, DOG DAY AFTERNOON, and THE DEER HUNTER. He wasn't personally nominated for any of them, but all five were nominated for Best Picture. How's that for picking good projects?

Teresa Wright was nominated for supporting or leading actress for her first three movies in 1941 and 1942: THE LITTLE FOXES, MRS. MINIVER (for which she won), and THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES. She was never nominated again despite a career that lasted up to 1997's THE RAINMAKER, but her fourth film was probably the best of the lot: Hitchcock's amazing SHADOW OF A DOUBT in 1943.

And Alice Brady won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for IN OLD CHICAGO in 1937, but wasn't in attendance at the ceremony. A man came up out of the audience and accepted the award on her behalf, and neither he nor the Oscar were ever seen again. Unbelievable!

Remember that if, as expected, DREAMGIRLS' Jennifer Hudson wins an Oscar for her very first movie role, it's not that unusual. In fact, it's been done 13 times before, including Eva Marie Saint, Julie Andrews, Tatum O'Neal, Marlee Matlin, and even Babs herself (for FUNNY GIRL in 1968).

So, happy viewing. May you all win your Oscar pools, and may THE DEPARTED sure as hell win something major if there's any justice in the world!


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  • anna | March 6, 2007 2:02 AMReply

    I'm wondering if the nominees already know if they gonna win before the show??!

  • Jim DeSantis | February 28, 2007 3:29 AMReply

    If you read my Blog on my webpage, you will see a ton of comments on the awards.

    Am I the only person who loved "Children of Men"?

    I thought that movie was amazing, and perhaps, it was the best film of the year IMO.

    I loved all the winners. I even liked Alan Arkin winning. Although, I felt like "Little Miss Sunshine" was a tad over hyped.

    I did not understand how "Borat" could be nominated for best screenplay honors when it was 50% adlibbed. Also, should Cohen been nominated for best acotr. i am not saying he should have won. Forest Whitaker was frightening in his role in "Last King of Scotland" and deserved the Oscar.

    One last note, did you laugh when "Dreamgirls" was beat out by "Inconvenient Truth" for best song?

    The people for "Dreamgirls" seemed so relaxed and even a tad too-sure of themselves. I laughed when the humble Ethridge won.

    Just a few thoughts...

    1) Did Eastwood's wife smack his crotch during Marty's speech. It sure looked like it.
    2) Phillip Seymour Hoffman looked like a crazy man.
    3) By the way, Jack is bald. Who knew?