OUTRAGE-ous Return of Movie Club

by enzian
June 10, 2009 9:52 AM
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Years ago Enzian hosted an informal monthly discussion group to talk about (what else?), movies. Whether the topic dealt with one particular film or a whole genre or a hot issue raised by one of our regular engagements, Cult Classics, or Popcorn Flicks, anywhere from 10 - 50 folks would gather at a local watering hole or restaurant after work to talk it out. Frequently there were guest speakers or panelists to help guide the discussion and give their valuable insights. Well guess what? Enzian Movie Club is not only back in business, but will now take place at the beautiful Eden Bar right next door to the theater. It's back at 8:00 PM on Thursday, 6/25.

And what better time for it to return than with Academy Award-nominated director Kirby Dick's provocative new film, OUTRAGE, opening at Enzian this Friday, June 12. You've probably heard or read something about this highly controversial new documentary--OUTRAGE shines a very bright spotlight on some of the (probably) closeted gay politicians in our government whose overwhelmingly anti-gay voting records are not only grossly hypocritical to their own lifestyles, but hurtful to so many Americans. Florida's very own Governor Crist is prominently featured.

The distinguished lineup of panelists set for this Movie Club should make for a fascinating discussion of a number of topics, including artistic responsibility versus sensationalism in filmmaking. Set to appear include out politician Patty Sheehan, Orlando Sentinel columnist Scott Maxwell, Log Cabin Republican director Patrick Howell, and acclaimed local documentarian Eric Breitenbach (WHEN PIGS FLY, MY FATHER'S SON).

So come eat, drink, be merry, and participate. Or just listen if you like, and help us welcome back the Enzian Movie Club to the Central Florida cultural landscape.


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  • adrienne | June 14, 2009 1:24 AMReply

    will the girl who shared a table with me at outrage on saturday be here on the night of the discussion? i felt pretty lame after i left, having never even asked your name...hope to see you there so i can at least apologize in person!