Peg and Sig visit NYC

By Chris Blanc | Enzian Theater April 28, 2005 at 3:10AM

Peg and Sig visit NYC

This from Peg:

Following the festival, Sig and I took a long delayed weekend trip to New York, motivated by Lizzie's (Sig's daughter) birthday and other reasons--all for fun. Met a couple of Lizzie's other "aunties"--gal pals from out of town that we had not seen for a long spell. Much hilarity ensued.

While there, we saw some fantastic theatre: first, The Pillowman--a dark, demented, and surprisingly funny play about terrible things happening to children. Also we saw Shockheaded Peter--a dark, demented, and surprisingly funny play about terrible things happening to children--this time with music playing.

Also we visited the Tribeca Film Festival HQ, examined their operations, and collected a catalogue. Very friendly and well organized.

With another pal who met us in the city, I ventured out to see Ashes and Snow, a photography/film exhibition that has received some notoriety due to what is perceived as an overly sentimentalized images of folks and animals--interacting in an idealized Edenic fashion. I can wrap my head around that point of view but still found the work captivating and hopeful as well as a bit mesmeric. A major element of the exhibition was the facility--the Nomadic Museum--which is a temporary and portable (hence the name) building made entirely of temporary and portable materials--cardbord, cloth, and carriers. It was located on Pier 54. Moving around within it was a lot like visiting a temple--somewhat hushed and suspended in thoughtful contemplation.

Less hushed but still suspending was the riotous food & beverage consumption we all did in that magnificent city. We stayed at the Washington Square Hotel, which featured a wonderful restaurant and breakfast room (I ate breakfast three times one day!). Of course, one could spend her life visiting fantastic restaurants in NYC and still only make a small dent. We truly tried to do so.


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