Sunny with a High of 68° F

By slacek | Enzian Theater January 25, 2006 at 4:04AM

Sunny with a High of 68° F

2006-01-Sundance051a.jpgAhh, it's lovely Florida days like this, sunny with a high of 68° F, that make us appreciate the fact that we aren't freezing our butts off in Park City. Sure, we aren't schmoozing with actors. Sure, we aren't spending our days watching amazing films. Sure, some of us are in an office without windows (aka the bunker). But when we walk outside, nothing feels better than this perfect Florida weather. Enjoy the rest of your time at Sundance and watch out for frostbite, Shannon and Matthew! We'll be outside soaking up the sun, dreaming of the upcoming Florida Film Festival...

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