The Power Worthy

By slacek | Enzian Theater April 19, 2006 at 7:17AM

The Power Worthy

Matthew72.jpg "If there's one person who can be called responsible for determining the character of greater Orlando's entire independent-film scene, it's Matthew Curtis..." WOW! Congrats to Matthew on finally getting his due in this town! We are so proud of our boy! The Orlando Weekly published their list of The Power Worthy this week in response to the Orlando Sentinel's annual "list of the 25 most powerful people in Central Florida that is, frankly, depressing as hell. It's as chockablock with developers, politicians and high-level business execs as you'd guess such a list might be in a town constantly criticized for lacking any real cultural spark. Are we really so hidebound that the average "player" on such a list is a 57-year-old white guy?" We may be, but this list proves that there are still a few hard-working rebels among us. Thank number 10...

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