The storm before the storm

By slacek | Enzian Theater February 14, 2006 at 11:46AM

The storm before the storm

Ok, so I am's 7 pm on Valentine's day and my date is my latptop as I am still at work trying desperately to keep my head above water in the six weeks left before the 2006 Florida Film Festival. Matthew is on the verge of being done with programming and bobbing on the surface, enjoying a mai tai...not really, but it seems that way. I am scrambling to deal with collateral materials, sponsors, operational details, conflicting personalities and staffing issues...oh, hi John, Director of Ops...what's that? No, no one is coming to save us...we have to swim for it. But once we get to that sandy beach that is Opening Night, it's all downhill. Actually, we are on the verge of announcing all of the programming team's hard work so stay tuned for those press releases later this week. Oh, yeah, and buy a ticket package online now!

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