Way to Go Vinnie!

by Matthew Curtis
March 7, 2007 3:23 AM
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Nice to see a superstar give back to his community, especially after the devastating events of a few weeks ago just an hour or so outside of Orlando. In fact, one of those tornadoes actually touched down in Seminole County (where I live), but luckily it was a ways away and did little damage. WILD HOGS, which had a huge opening weekend despite (because of?) its painfully lame trailer and big name cast in goofy situations, certainly proved the critics wrong. All except Pete Hammond of Maxim magazine of course, who found it "Hysterically Funny!" and called it "CITY SLICKERS on Bikes!"--damn, I wish I had coined that one. Anyway, I'm glad to see this witless mid-life crisis "comedy" do some good for someone other than Disney.

John Travolta donated $15,000 to victims of a tornado in Florida at the premiere of his new biker film Wild Hogs on Friday night. The actor presented a personal check to Mayor Max Pullen of Lady Lake, Florida, where a string of tornadoes killed 21 people in the area on 2 February. Travolta, who has lived in nearby Ocala for four years, said, "These things happen in Florida and when they happen we all have to do something to help. "I just felt the time was right. We're promoting a movie. I think the best movie openings and promotions are when you can do it for charity and help people. I live here. These are my people." Pullen added, "This means a lot and helps lift the spirit of our people. When they know somebody as big a star as John Travolta cares about them, it makes a difference." The screening of the biker comedy raised an additional $15,000 and Ocala Mayor Randy Ewers presented the star with a key to the city.


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  • Jim DeSantis | March 15, 2007 5:12 AMReply

    I thought this was nice as well, but $15,000 grand is like $5 bucks to this guy. The only way to justify WILD HOGS is to contribute all the proceeds.

    At least Black Snake Moan had an awesome soundtrack. Tom Dipaolo hated it. What's he know?