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by eug
January 15, 2007 6:59 AM
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"Shortbus" co-star Jay Brannan is making the most of the spotlight from the recent theatrical release of the film. Here he is, in his bathroom, performing a song from the film's soundtrack in a clip he created for YouTube (Brannan also refers to the film being dropped from regular searches at IMDB... indeed I had to take a rather roundabout route to locate its page. Titles are typically easy to find from the main search engine...but IMDB seems to be blocking the film.)

Over the weekend, John Cameron Mitchell held the first midnight screenings of the film at IFC Center, with cast members and a screening of the mini-doc, "Making of the Sex Not Bombs Room." Next up for the film is its upcoming DVD release which producer Howard Gerter told me will include a number of bonus features and extra footage.

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  • Mark Rabinowitz | January 18, 2007 1:17 AMReply

    Actually, Battle In Heaven is blocked as well.

  • Michael Colford | January 17, 2007 3:15 AMReply

    I am appalled at the Internet Movie Database's act of censorship. Films such as SHORTBUS, THE BROWN BUNNY, and CALIGULA have been censored (although 9 SONGS and BATTLE IN HEAVEN are apparently fine). Actors who have appeared in these "adult" films have also been censored, such as Sook-Yin Lee, although other "mainstream" actors like Helen Mirren are still searchable, despite the fact that you can then reach CALIGULA through her entry. I guess I will drop my subscription to imdb pro.