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by eug
January 15, 2009 4:49 AM
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Over at IFC Films, Keaton Kail has spent the past month or so tracking top ten lists in a bulging internal Excel doc. Labeled "endearingly obsessive" by GreenCine, his list of lists ranks 260+ films that have made the top tens of some 250 film critics. (There are apparently still a dozen more lists to add, but his Excel file has reached it capacity.)

Unlike the iW Critics Poll of 100+ critics, which was topped by "The Flight of the Red Balloon," this broader survey features studio films -- "Wall-E" and "The Dark Knight" -- at the top of the list (and Hou's film at #10). [The weighted ranking features (left to right on the chart above) the film's: Total Score | Number of #1 Placements | Average Placement | and Total Mentions.]

It's interesting to get a more mainstream look at the best of '08, from a wider array of critical voices, although I still don't get all the love for "Benjamin Button," perhaps I need to watch it again...

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  • keaton | January 15, 2009 5:17 AMReply

    remind me never to do this again.