betty, america

By eug | eugonline September 29, 2006 at 2:28AM

betty, america

bettySM.jpgLooks like its hard to debut as the most anticipated, or even the best, show of the new TV season... as "Ugly Betty" has already been called. A quick google search tonight, just after I watched the premiere episode, yielded a range of reviews, mostlypositive, others somewhat skeptical and a few taking the show way too seriously.

I haven't really invested time into any of the new shows this year, but "Ugly Betty" is the one I'll go with. Its really great. America Ferrera, who broke through in "Real Women Have Curves, was in Salma Hayek's mind from the earliest moments that Hayek decided to bring the popular Colombian telenovela to the U.S. The NY Times fittingly calls the show a "melodramedy"...I can't wait for episode #2. (for anyone who missed the premiere episode, ABC is offering the entire show on their website.)

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